Cubestack Bot

A free Twitter bot that helps you organize your tweets into Groups.
Created with ♡ by Team Cubestack.

How to Organize!

Cubestack Bot (@cubestackbot) identifies certain hash tags and uses them to organize.
The source for the Bot is open source, and you can use it for any personal and Non commercial purpose. No registration required, just tweet to us with #List Hash code and we will take care of rest.

DM Any tweet

Just DM any tweet to the bot @cubestackbot and add a list name. The bot will tag the tweet with that name and organize automatically for you.

example DM with tweet

Reply to tweet
Below are the Hash Tags it currently recognizes and responds, we will keep on adding new Hash updates.

  • List: Just reply to a Tweet and Quote it with #List adding @cubestackbot in the reply/mention, adds the quoted or replied tweet to list with the name. Example: This tweet adds the replied tweet to a list Named Awesome. A list name cannot have spaces and will be ignored by the Bot.
  • Unsplash: Will reply your tweet with a Random unsplash Image. If you want particular category, use this hash tag with category name. (Example #Unsplash nature)
  • Help: Will tweet the details of the Hash Tags identified.
  • Working on many others, suggestions welcome Contact .

We are not case sensitive. Like any of replies to you by @cubestackbot and they will be deleted, in case you do not prefer history.

Example dashboard

Dashboard example

Who we are

We are a young passionate community (if you can define community of two devs) on quest to do awesome stuff.

We have done a lot and are continuously doing more, checkout our other products / open source stuff via our blog.

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Contact Cubestack

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our Bot, give us suggestions for new features, or to just say hello!